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Photos That Will Make You Look Twice


#5 Double Life


We are pretty sure that there is, in fact, only one man in those hideous brown slacks.


Alfred Hitchcock Presents

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watercolor and watercolor pencil

Up to now, I’ve only used watercolor pencils for sketching, as their chalky texture is rather at odds with a lot of what I’m trying to achieve in my finished pieces. But it turns out they are great for glinting up fish scales!

Prints available at INPRNT: http://www.inprnt.com/gallery/danamartin/goldrush/

& society6: http://society6.com/DanaMartin/Goldrush-Lls#1=45

lovequotesrus: Everything you love is here

lovequotesrus: Everything you love is here

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imgfave: Posted by misfit74

imgfave: Posted by misfit74


human landscapes in south west florida from google earth (via the big picture) illustrate the boom and (2008) bust of the housing market, as huge developments sit partially completed among densely built up neighborhoods and swampland (5th and 6th photos). many of these homes have been empty for years


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Today was a rought day. 

Today was a rought day. 

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